LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with over 200 million members worldwide and approximately 5 million members in Australia. With more than 2.6 million companies having a LinkedIn Company Page, top companies in both Australia and overseas are now using LinkedIn's Hiring Solutions to recruit staff! LinkedIn is not only supplementing the use of job boards (such as Seek) but is fast becoming the main medium to identify and attract talent – especially the passive candidate! If you are not already on LinkedIn, now is the time to join!

The most common mistake our SummitResumes consultants see is that people literally copy and paste their resume and use this as their profile. Whilst your resume is the foundation from which to build your LinkedIn profile, it needs to be tailored to the medium and the audience who will be searching through the site for potential business partners or staff.

The keys to a successful LinkedIn profile are:

  1. Ensuring that your profile is tailored to your industry and utilises relevant keywords to ensure that you rank highly;
  2. Ensuring your details and information are current and correct; and
  3. To actively engage the LinkedIn community to develop your brand awareness and credibility (and it doesn’t take much effort either!)
One of our highly trained and friendly SummitResumes consultants can help you to develop your customised and keyword optimised LinkedIn profile, help to identify key groups for you to join and demonstrate how to participate in discussions that will increase your brand and chances of securing your next big role.

Don’t miss out on an awesome opportunity just because you weren’t actively looking. Develop a world class LinkedIn Profile and capitalise on the word of mouth market!


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