Interview Skills Training

Many people think that simply because they have been invited for an interview by a potential employer that they have a pretty good shot at getting the job. Unfortunately this is not the case. Having a well structured and professional resume only opens doors but once through that door, you have to make the best impression possible. So why leave it to chance especially if it is a job that you really want!!

SummitResumes' consultants all have extensive experience within the recruitment industry, so they know what employers want to hear in an interview and the behaviours they wish to see.  Our consultants are aware of the current styles and trends of interviewing and will be able to assist you to master the art of attending interviews. The way interviews are conducted today is nothing like they were 5 or even 2 years ago!

SummitResumes' consultants can help you prepare for the interview, anticipate questions that you might be asked in an interview and even show you how to close! Our Interview skills training sessions will involve some role plays which will assist you to hone your skills and build your confidence.

Our one-on-one interview sessions are usually conducted face to face but can also be done via skype. The sessions last 1 ½ hrs and covers all areas of an interview:

  1. Your job experience, skills and motivations
  2. Commonly asked questions
  3. How to answer “Behaviour questions”
  4. Asking questions of your interviewer
  5. Negotiating salaries and start dates
  6. General interviewing Tips and Tricks!
  7. Presentation and Body language
Fee: $275

All fees are inclusive of GST. Payment must be made at the time of consultation. We accept payments by cash and credit card.

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