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We are constantly surprised by the number of candidates who believe the interview process ends with a hand shake at the conclusion of an interview.

SummitResumes can assist you to not only complete the job application and interviewing process fully but make sure you stand out from the crowd with our Thank You Notes, Resignations and Job Acceptance Letters.

 » Thank You Letters                     Fee $59

An action as simple as sending a potential employer a ‘thank you note’ can make the world of difference to your application and the perception that you leave (upon your potential employer). Surprisingly, an action so simple is ignored by over 95% of candidates!

Thank you notes allow you to acknowledge that your interviewer has taken time out of their busy day to meet with you to discuss the role and answer your questions as well as giving you another opportunity to reiterate why you would be suitable for the role based on the information discussed in your interview.

Sending such a letter illustrates that you are a serious applicant for the role, who follows through, build relationships and can communicate clearly – making you look like the consummate professional.

 » Resignation Letters                    Fee $59

Resigning is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you are unsure as to how your current employer will react – some will be extremely angry whilst others will be more understanding. Regardless, the most important aspect of resigning is the act of showing respect and acknowledging that without your current job and its experience you would not be able to move on to something even better.

Our resignation letters takes the emotion out of such a traumatic experience and will ensure that you walk away with everyone’s dignity and respect intact resulting in your employer being more willing to give you the good reference you deserve.

 » Job Acceptance letters               Fees $59

If you are lucky enough to be offered a contract for a new role, simply signing and returning it does not leave the best of impressions. Enclosing a final note again thanking the employer for the opportunity and expressing your excitement and appreciation to be starting will confirm in the employer’s mind that they made the correct recruitment decision.

From our experience, the few candidates who make the effort to include a note with their job acceptance actually create a poor impression through poor grammar and inappropriate communication style. Our Job Acceptance Letters ensures that you complete the process professionally whilst making your future employer look forward to your start date/commencement.

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