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Free eBook: Using Recruiters - All You Need to Know

It never ceases to astound us just how little knowledge people have about the recruitment
industry yet they engage agencies to represent them to many firms everyday!
So we wrote this eBook to assist job seekers by providing them with a detailed guide about
engaging recruiters.Called "Using Recruiters - All You Need to Know" - it defines the role
of a recruiter in its simplest terms, why you might decide to engage a recruiter, your rights
and obligations and how to interact with recruiters both in the short and long term.

Understanding the principals behind the recruitment industry will help you get the most
of out of your interactions and avoid those just out to make a buck at your expense!

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Book Review

Finding a new job is rarely easy and in fact I generally tell my candidates that finding a new job is a fulltime job in itself. But if you want to do it right then you need to make the investment - of your time. For a topic that is relatively boring, but something that every job seeker should be informed about, I would recommend anyone interested in reading a book to start with this 21 Things To Do To Get A New Job NOW! especially as it has many real life examples that we can relate too (and even laugh at).

Surprisingly, even I (who has 8 years recruitment industry experience) found new insights from the book whilst it cemented in my mind the importance and timelessness of others.

This book is ideal for someone who is seeking to secure their first job or for someone wishing to take a greater level of control of the recruitment process. 21 Things To Do To Get A New Job NOW! is an easy read that simplifies many concepts, giving the reader valuable insights into each component of the recruitment process and even provides exercises they can do to enhance their chances of landing that next job.

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