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Money, Ego, Security or Work/Life Balance – what will you choose?

What's your motivation?  There are a magnitude of reasons why people leave their current jobs and seek alternate employment. Are you looking for career advancement, job security, better work/life balance, a more dynamic work environment or a bigger salary? Or would it be a combination of these? And in order to achieve these, what are you willing to sacrifice?    

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waiting for a wave NEVER EVER tell a surfer "you should have been here yesterday"! The last thing they want to hear is that the swell was great, the waves were perfect and yet they were not around to enjoy it. The same thing can be said for looking for work. Knowing that the job you wanted was available and has since been filled is painful to hear. Personally I would prefer not to know at all so I won't feel so bad.

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End of Year Reflections

  Reflections Small V2 I absolutely love being on holidays & not having to spend even a moment thinking about work, and simply enjoying myself & being my family & friends. It also makes me re-evaluate what really matters to me, how I spend my time & inevitably I start to think about how much i love my job, and career. And I know that I am not alone here!

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