Is a job interview B2B or B2C?

July 12, 2015

  • Interviews: B2B or B2C interaction?

    This is a question that I have posed to every job seeker that I have ever coached in interview skills and yet it is  THE ONE not known (with any conviction) nor what it really means. But understanding this concept will change the way you perceive interviews and how to perform in them.


    So, what do most people say?

    The common answer is a B2C interaction on the basis that job seekers are consumers (hence the “C”) whilst the company who is doing the interview is a business (hence the “B”).


    What is the right answer?

    The correct answer is that it is actually a B2B interaction and that you as the job seeker are actually a business selling a product. Most people actually do not realise this and find it hard to separate themselves as a person from the product that they create and sell to others.


    Whilst the product and the person are one and the same, only one participates in an interview. As a business, you are actually selling a product called by your name (in my case “Graeme Gilovitz”). That product is comprised of skills, experience, attitudes as well as personality. Like buying a house where no two are like – so are people. Whilst two candidates may have gone to the same school, university, and jobs, what will differentiate them will be their personality or cultural fit. In response to selling your product you will receive money and other compensations.


    With this new understanding, the next time you go to an interview think about how you wish to position your product:

    • What is your product’s USP (unique selling proposition)?
    • How does your product compare to the competition in terms of functionality, fit and price?
    • How are you going to package it (how will you dress and physically represent your product at the meeting)?
    • Who do you want to do business with?


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